Irrevocable Trust

The new legal thriller by Monique Raphel High

IRREVOCABLE TRUST threads issues of law, justice, abuse and loyalty into a complex weave of characters, relationships, crimes and ethical dilemmas.

Franco-American defense wizard Robert de Granville finds himself forced to defend an accused Nazi war criminal. As the son of courageous French Christians who saved Jews at great risk to themselves, Granville is appalled by this quandary, but the ex-Nazi is his prestigious law firm’s dominant client and Granville has little choice but to comply if he is to become a name partner in the firm.

The prosecutor in the case turns out to be a former girlfriend, whom he has not seen since their catastrophic breakup at Boalt Hall law-school. He chooses as his second chair a young Jewish lawyer, Aharon Perlmutter, whose attraction to the accused man’s vulnerable daughter clouds his own judgment.

In a simultaneous parallel case, Granville is defending a UCLA physics professor accused of having raped his prize graduate student. In this case his second chair is a young feminist named Rachel Edelman, who could not be more certain of the professor’s guilt.

The setting in 1985-87 is important to understanding the book’s two cases. DNA evidence that could have clinched one of the cases was not yet admissible in US courts. Sexual harassment was rife, and modern ethics codes designed to prevent it were not developed.